Need a reason to love Tuesday’s even more? Every Tuesday we have Tagliatelle Cacio Pepe in a delicious Pecorino wheel! 🧀

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Thursday, June 6 at 6 P.M @ Acqua Alta
$84.99 per person (gratuity included)

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Octopus Italian Style

Chef Paolo Signature
Grill Octopus in Italian Style

Grilled Tentacles of Tender Spanish Octopus with Rosemary Olive Oil and Fresh Tomato over Fried potatoes with Garlic. (gluten free available)

Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

Homemade Pasta w/egg Sauce: Pecorino Romano, Grana Padano cream cheese, Black Pepper

I Ravioli della Patty

HandMade Ravioli Our Ravioli changes constantly based on what is in season, and what high-quality, fresh ingredients are available.

Venetian Pizza Thin and Crunchy Crust

Our pizza dough comes from an original Venetian recipe: flour from Italy, whole wheat flour, semolina, water, fresh Brewer’s yeast, salt, EVO oil and nothing else. Delicate to Digest, Leavening for 48 Hours

Authentic Italian Restaurant

Fresh Cuisine

We pride ourselves in creating fresh, homemade dishes while keeping true to our Venetian roots. We hope you enjoy our creations because we put our hearts into every meal.
Our food is made fresh daily, including all our pasta and bread.
All of our dishes are made from scratch.
Please be patient while we cook your meal fresh to order
Dining with us is an experience and we want you to enjoy your time with us. From our family to yours, Buon appetito!

Paolo and Patty

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home made Ravioli


Home made Pasta

Venetian Pizza

Our pizza dough comes  from an original Venetian recipe:  flour from Italy, whole wheat flour, semolina, water, fresh Brewer’s yeast, salt, EVO oil and nothing else.  Delicate to Digest, Leavening for 48 Hours  

The Best Tiramisu'

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